Aroma Project Booster agreed as APA Export Counsel by BPI France


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    6th of April 2022
    Aroma Project Booster agreed as APA Export Counsel by BPI France

    We are very happy and proud to inform our customers and prospects that we have just obtained the agreement as Export Counsel for Assurance Prospection Accompagnement programmes from BPI France ✨🥇.

    I would like to thank :
    -        Jean-Philippe Bompard from BPI for his clarity, his efficiency and his excellent guidance through this process.
    -         Tiny DOUCENDE-RAMIREZ for her remarkable information work on BPI support programmes in our region.
    -         My Federation OSCI - Les Accélérateurs du développement international🌍↗, for the quality incubation and acceleration it offers to the structures that join.

    Why is this agreement important for us ?
    🔸 Because it is a sign of acknowledgement from BPI of our international expertise.
    🔸 Because it is a mark of trust from BPI on our capacity to stimulate and bloom projects of international development within the French companies 💙.

    And we will be up to this trust by getting close to our start-ups, small and mid-size companies and helping them to see the export opportunities for their businesses.

    Why is this agreement important for you ?
    👍 Because you can now benefit of our services to develop your international business while « de-risking » your project thanks to APA.
    ✨ In addition, APA can be cumulated with a regional export funding and can be commuted into an AP, Assurance Prospection covering a larger number of countries and a larger number of items. In short this is an ideal and continued support towards export success.

    ENERGIZE your business, GO INTERNATIONAL for higher competitiveness , this is our daily commitment, teaming with the live forces of #bpifrance and #teamfranceexport .

    So let's do this 🌍!
    Contact us 😀 !

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