Aroma Project Booster joins the OSCI Incubator !


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    March 2021
    Aroma Project Booster joins the OSCI Incubator !

    It’s official ! AROMA PROJECT BOOSTER just joined the OSCI Incubator!

    When international business has been your culture, your natural perimeter, your daily breathing for 30 years… joining the OSCI Community is self-evident ! Exchange with your peers, share the good practices and develop collaborations in a climate of trust…this is our programme !

    Contribute to the Export Performance of the French Brand is just a pride. But our customers are actually international, as we can facilitate their access to Europe or French market…
    At times where the « local » is gaining back sense and attention, our role is also to remind the business that the international challenges bring them growth, make them stronger, more adaptable and innovating.

    Aroma Project Booster offers Business Development services. We focus on natural ingredients intended for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Aromatherapy markets.

    Contact us to boost your international business development !

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