Therapeutic Cannabis: a major breakthrough.


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    United Nations Commission on Narcotics - French National Assembly
    January 2021
    Therapeutic Cannabis: a major breakthrough.

    On December 2, 2020, The United Nations Commission on Narcotics officially withdrew Cannabis from the list of dangerous drugs and acknowledged its therapeutic interest. This decision is historic and almost synchronous with the green light that the French National Assembly gave last October for the experimentation of therapeutic cannabis – during a 2-year period starting January 1st, 2021.

    Not only does it solve an offset between France and the rest of Europe that was difficult to understand, but it also brings hemp back to the front of the scene, a plant that was known and used for millennia and then demonized.

    The French hemp sector is in full growth, favoring local employment and sustainable agriculture and environment. The uses of hemp are multiple : building material, textile, food (hemp-fu, seeds, oil), natural cosmetic, wellness and very promising therapeutic applications.

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