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    EO Project

    Custom projects, based on the principles of Test & Learn and Agile Business.

    Why ?

    One of the first quantum chemists, Linus Pauling, said : « The best way to have a good idea is to have many ». And the point is that leaders do not lack ideas, intuitions or flashes. The challenge is not here...

    The first challenge... is time. How to get out of the operational time, of the existing business flow and its challenges, to allow your ideas to take fully shape? Then, how to retain only through a very rigorous process the nuggets that will feed your future success ?

    The second challenge... is the place. Once you built carefully an organization based on roles and responsibilities, that progresses with a clear strategy and smart objectives, do you want to risk to disrupt or distract your teams from their target by asking them to think about other strategic or market options?

    Our value proposition is to build a virtual lab, a well-framed place, some kind of "pilot lab" to test your ideas without impacting the performance of your teams.

    The method is directly inspired from the "Test and Learn" principles and from agile and disruptive innovation principles, that consist in testing first one or several hypotheses and to learn from this experiment. The approach is concrete, applied and uncompromising, since it uses the feedback of customers. It is very rich in learning.

    For these change or innovation management projects, we propose you a tailor-made design and a collaborative approach to define together the duration of the test, the customers that should be involved, the taskforce that is needed...

    This AGILE conception of business and the CUSTOMER-CENTERED approach are major progression keys for your business and long term growth.